Hello lovelies… NattyDee here, how are you all doing?

In the past few months I have been getting numerous compliments on my skin… this is all due to the fact that about a year ago I got new skin! How?? I began My Love Affair With Kiehl’s!!

The company has been around since 1851, I had read about them countless times in American magazines but never bothered to order anything as I don’t really like buying stuff for my face that I can’t somewhat test first or at least look someone in the eyes when I ask for a consultation! I was so excited when I walked down Queen street in Toronto last year and fell upon their store. Apparently they have been there for years and MANY people think they just opened (uh, I think that means you need some advertising people!! ). Anyways… needless to say I was excited! As my honey browsed Steve’s Music a few stores down, I got to know Kiehl’s a little better.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Kiehl’s here’s what they’re all about …. http://kiehls.ca/About-Us/about-us,default,pg.html.

I had a little chat with one of their friendly consultants and quickly realized how great their products are! She sat me down and tested a few products on my hands, taking great care in explaining every bit of them to me. Seeing as I was running out of my Clinique cleanser (and honestly not happy with it) the first product I purchased was their Photo-Age Corrector– Deep-Action Exfoliating Cleanser.

My Love Affair With Kiehl's - cleanser

All I can say is that after one use I was in love! The cleanser has crushed shells which act as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and bring out the brilliant skin that was hiding… and what a difference it makes. The results were immediate! The cleanser smells like baby’s soap and is just as gentle, the exfoliating beads don’t leave your skin irritated like other exfoliants and is gentle enough to be used daily. Seeing as you only need a tiny amount the 100ml bottle lasts and lasts and at $28 a tube who can argue?!?

With every purchase Kiehl’s offers three samples. The sample that impressed me most was their Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

My Love Affair With KiehlÔÇÖs - midnight recovry

It’s a replenishing treatment to be used nightly and is filled with Essential oils and Botanicals leaving your skin hydrated, supple, soft and refreshed. All you need are three drops of the serum before bed and you wake-up with skin that looks like you’ve slept for days (don’t I wish!). The serum has a faint lavender scent and does not leave your skin feeling oily. As I mentioned, all you need are three drops, the serum costs under $50 for 30ml and lasts a long time. I have been using the same bottle for over 7 months and it’s still 3/4 full… the stuff is so good I even sent some over-seas for my honey’s mom to try!!

Kiehl’s even has a men’s line, but most of their products are uni-sex and once your man sees how great your skin looks, he’ll be using your products too 😉

Don’t take my word for it… try Kiehl’s for yourself and you too will fall in love with your new skin! Stay tuned for part2 of “My Love Affair With Kiehl’s” and I’ll tell you more about their other great products we use!

See you soon…

NattyDee yo ;)


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