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Today I’d like to offer you my SallyHansen’s Salon Effect Nails Review

As you all know I am a nail art freak! If there’s anything new or different in the nail art field I want to try it!

I had seen these SallyHansen Salon Effects Strips in stores for quite a while now but was a little skeptical to try them out… at $10 I could buy some O.P.I. polish that I know I’d love 😉

They have over 24 styles to choose, everything from animal prints, solid colours, patterns and sparkly designs. I eventually caved in and bought a box in “Laced Up”…

SallyHansen's Salon Effect Nails Review - product

The kit sat in my nail polish case for a few weeks before I actually decided to give them a try, don’t know why I did that!?!

The kit comes complete with everything you need:

  • 16 nail polish strips in assorted sizes
  • cuticle stick
  • mini nail file
  • buffer

First you have to prep your nails:

  1. Ensure your nails are fully clean and free from any polish, hand cream, or other oily residue
  2. File your nails if needed
  3. Push back your cuticle and make sure any scraggly skin is removed
  4. Use a Q-tip to really make sure you get any remaining residue off your nails, this is really important in order for the strips to stick properly

So to get started you must first figure out which strip fits which finger. The two tips of each strip are different so you are sure to find the right fit. I found it was easier to take them all out and figure out which ones fit on which nails and lay them out how I wanted them. Just as with nail polish, I suggest starting to apply the strips to your dominant hand… so if you’re a righty apply the strips to your right hand first 😉

So now that you have your strips all set up, its time to start the fun!

  1. Peel the clear protective film off the top of the strip, peel the polish strip from the backing paper and break the silver tab off the strip
  2. Place the strip flush with your cuticle line and hold in place for better control
  3. Press the strip to your nail, and firmly smooth over your entire nail… *The instructions say you can stretch the strip for a perfect fit but honestly you can’t really because they end up ripping!
  4. Take the flat part of the cuticle stick to smooth the strip over your nail and ensure the strip sticks properly… *I found this worked better by just using my fingers and nails
  5. Smooth the strips over the tip of your nail’s edge and use the light pink part of the nail file to file away and remove the excess pieces
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the rest of your fingers saving your thumbs for last (just makes it easier) and VOILÀ you’re done!!

SallyHansen's Salon Effect Nails Review

The strips are great if you don’t have time to wait for several coats of polish to dry or if you’re not that great at doing funky things to your own nails. FYI the nail strips contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldahyde so that’s definitely a bonus too! The package states that the strips last up to 10 days… not too sure if I agree with that! I already noticed a few edges wanting to peel back and I have only had them on for a few hours! One of the corners had ripped while I was attempting to stretch it onto my nail and it wouldn’t stick properly so I used some clear polish on my bare nail in order for the strip to stick to it. I will have to keep track of my nails over the next few days and let you guys know just how well they hold up.

So far I am really pleased with the results. It sure beats the price and time of going to the salon for a funky manicure and depending on how loud of a pattern you choose I don’t think these are too far out there for work. I don’t think I would use them too too often but I will definitely be buying them again unless they get ruined too quickly.

I mean hey… this pattern even matches my SteveMadden coat 😉

SallyHansen's Salon Effect Nails Review - final

Hope my review helped you guys…

NattyDee yo ;)


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