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I just wanted to write a bit of a review tonight on my Revlon Polish Mishap. I have been experimenting with nail polish techniques and types for a while and have to say… I really don’t like Revlon nail polish!

I hadn’t bought Revlon polish for years because I never liked it…. I just figured over the years they would have made an attempt to better their polish. I bought a few bottles last week as they were on sale and thought… can’t be that bad right??  WRONG! 🙁

The brush is still the same flimsy brush from years ago. The polish itself is thick and clumpy and chips/peels off really easily! The colour selection is broad but don’t let that fool you, the polish itself isn’t worth the money! The bush requires several strokes in order to achieve coverage and you all know what that causes… a MESS! 🙁  The polish gets clumpy and streaky as a result of having to play with it so much. If you are using decals of any kind, please note that they don’t stick to the Revlon polish very well either!

You are much better off spending a few extra bucks on O.P.I. or Rimmel and save yourself time and frustration!!

Polish colours used for this look:

Base: Revlon Limited Edition Sheer Petal

Tips: Revlon Copper Penny #932

Top Coat: L’Oreal Top Coat #110

Star appliqué on pinkies (don’t remember the brand as I threw away the packaging but it was purchased at WalMart)

Revlon Polish Mishap
Hope this was helpful 🙂


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