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Hot on the runways this season are Half-Moon/Reverse French nails… so a few days ago I attempted this manicure on myself.  Let me tell you, this type of manicure takes a long time and a lot of patience!! I am going to try to save you all some frustration by guiding you step-by-step on how to perform this finish and by warning you of some glitches I ran into while attempting this Half-Moon/Reverse French Manicure Tutorial.

For this finish you will need clean nails!

Choose two colours you like and somewhat go together, paper reinforcement stickers (the round circles you use to save your pages from ripping in your binder), nail appliqués, a stamping kit, nail pens or other design technique you would like to use (optional), and clear polish.

Step 1. Your base coat: for this I have a few suggestions…

  • choose a lighter colour so that it doesn’t seep through your main colour
  • choose a thin polish that dries quickly and doesn’t clump in any way

I learned this lesson the hard way, I have an old bottle of Chanel polish in Mercure (#06) that I adore but the polish is thick and clumpy and takes forever to dry. I figured since it was only going to show in the “moon” part of the manicure I could avoid the clumpy look my old varnish leaves behind but I was WRONG! The reinforcement stickers didn’t stick properly to the base coat and left messy looking “moons” at the end of my manicure. Once the top colour polish was applied and started to dry it seemed to almost want to peel away from the base colour leaving my freshly manicured nails look like I’ve been doing housework all week… EEK! This could also have been caused by the different brands of polish I used but either way, it was a total waste of time to figure this out once my nails were done!!


*for my second attempt at this manicure I used Nicole by O.P.I. in The Next CEO as my base coat… much easier to work with!

Half-Moon Reverse French Manicure Tutorial - OPI

Step 2. Applying the reinforcement stickers.

  • Get your paper reinforcement stickers ready. You only need 5 of them as you will cut them in half… no use wasting!
  • Once your polish is fully dry – I would wait an hour or so… go find something else to do 😉 – cut your circles in half and apply them to the bottom of your nails. Be precise and be patient. You can place your circles as high or low as you want depending on how big you want the “moons” to be. If your circles aren’t stuck properly your top coat will seep through and your “moons” won’t look even on all your fingers leaving you with a messy manicure! YUCK! For me I try to align the bottom part of the circle with the centre of my cuticles in order to ensure my “moons” are all the same size.
  • Now here is an option for you. If your base coat is a darker colour than your main colour, or your base coat polish is thick, you can use some polish remover to remove the polish above from where your stickers are… leaving what’s under the stickers untouched. I haven’t actually tried this but after my mis-hap I was thinking of ways to avoid the mess happening again and I came up with this strategy… let me know if you try it and if it works 😀

Half-Moon Reverse French Manicure Tutorial - hand

Step 3. Apply your main colour.

  • For this I used Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro #370- Wild Orchid (don’t you just love the name!). I know it’s a bit summer-y for this time of year but I’m hanging on to as much sunshine as possible 😉
  • Make sure you fully coat your nails with your top colour. Don’t worry if you get some on the stickers as you will be removing them after anyways. Depending on the base colour you have chosen, apply 1-2 coats of the mail colour to cover your nail properly. Once again, let your nails fully dry between coats and before removing the stickers. If you don’t let the polish dry somewhat before removing the stickers, the top polish will peel and leave uneven “moons”. Once your nails are fully dry and your stickers are removed you can move on to the next step.

Half-Moon Reverse French Manicure Tutorial - purple

Step 4. Applying a design. This step will be different depending on whether or not you are using appliqués, a stamping kit, or nail pens. If you are not using any of them, just skip to step 5.

  • Apply your desired design to one or more of your nails. Personally I like adding a design to only my thumbs or pinkies but this is totally a matter of personal preference. It could also depend on the event youare applying this manicure for! I chose a butterfly and flower motif from one of my appliqué kits. I had some bubbles that formed in the polish on one of my thumbs so I used my appliqué to cover it up.

Half-Moon Reverse French Manicure Tutorial - final

Step 5. Apply Top Coat.

  • Apply a top coat to seal your manicure and make your nails shine. I also apply a clear coat on my nails every few days in order to extend how long my manicure lasts. I mean really, I don’t have time to do my nails more than once a week if I’m lucky!!

Voilà! A beautiful Half-Moon/Reverse French Manicure you did at home and saved yourself tons of $$ by not going to a spa to get them done 🙂

Half-Moon Reverse French Manicure Tutorial

I hope you all found this tutorial helpful! Please comment & share and let me know if there is anything you are interested in that you would like me to write a tutorial for and I’ll see what I can do.

Hope to hear from you guys…

NattyDee yo ;)


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