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Maybelline recently asked people to sign up to receive a free Maybelline’s The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express mascara. I think they wanted to get Bloggers and Youtubers to try it out and review it for them. Well, I received mine in the mail last night! Yey free stuff!! 😀


Maybelline's The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express - product shot

Their claim: “Now get bigger eyes with 360 degrees of false lash glam volume! Upper lashes get over-the-top glam with the upper brush, while the lower brush grabs every tiny lower lash for a full circle effect”.

I am not a huge fan of Maybelline products, I never really go out of my way to try their new stuff nor do I stock up on it when it’s on sale. However, I have used and enjoyed their Falsies Flared mascara but once the tube was finished, I moved on to something else. Perhaps this mascara will get me hooked 😉

I don’t usually like double wanded mascaras as I find them awkward to handle but I usually manage to make them work. I was in a hurry this morning and didn’t really take my time applying the mascara nor did I put any on my bottom lashes but all in all it was ok. The basic wand defined, lengthened and volumized my lashes.

Maybelline's The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express - product

I applied only one thick coat (as I said, I was in a hurry!), each lash was coated nicely and it easily caught all the little baby lashes in the inner corners of my eyes, which surprised me given the plain wand! The Maybelline Website says not to let the mascara dry between coats; I guess that means it must clump easily (?). I will try it out again tomorrow, apply it to my lower lashes as well and let you all know how it goes. 😀

Here’s what the mascara looks like with only one coat to the top lashes…

Maybelline's The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express


‘Till next time, have a fantastically sparkly day!



Well I have now used Maybelline’s The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express mascara several times and I must say … I really like it! I love the tiny lower lash brush and the look it gives my lashes. It does not make them overly made-up nor does it leave me looking like a racoon after a few hours. I even wore it to my niece’s soccer tournament on Saturday where I sat in the heat and humidity all day! (They won silver! YEY!) The formula is extremely easy to remove, I took a shower with the mascara on and didn’t need to use makeup remover after coming out of the shower like I usually do! The mascara leaves these strange gumpy gooey things behind but they are easily removed by hand or with a cotton swab. I would definitely not want to get the mascara wet though as I really don’t know how it would hold up. I don’t find the formula gives me va-va-voom lashes but it’s great for everyday wear. I will definitely keep the tiny brush to use with other mascaras; I love how it coats every tiny hair!

Here’s a pic with and without mascara. I have no other makeup on at all as I really wanted to give you guys a true look at what the mascara does on it’s own 🙂

Maybelline's The Falsies Big Eyes by Volum Express - eyes
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