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I recently filmed my “BB Cream vs CC Cream vs DD Cream – OH MY!” video and realized I really didn’t talk much about the Kiehl’s BB Cream!

As I mentioned in my video, Kiehl’s finally launched their Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (well, sort of!). Their BB Cream offers a Broad Spectrum SPF 50 with added Vitamin C. The benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare products are limitless.

Vitamin C reduces UV-related damage, strengthens the skin’s barrier response, reduces inflammation, promotes collagen production and boosts the efficacy of sunscreen. It’s no wonder they added it to their BB Cream!

This all-in-one Beauty Balm instantly perfects the look of your skin, evens out skin tone irregularities, reduces the look of pores and fine lines and provides all-day hydration and coverage. It is lightweight and buildable; the more you put on, the more coverage you will get and may be used alone or under your usual foundation. I purchased the light shade and find it matches my skin pretty well and offers natural looking coverage without the orangey tint some BB creams tend to leave. Moreover, the added Vitamin C keeps working even once your face is washed!

The only cons I have found so far is that it is a bit on the expensive side and has a bit of a funky odour. It claims to be fragrance free (which it is) but it has this almost waxy smell to it, which really surprised me coming from Kiehl’s!

Sadly, their BB Cream has replaced my beloved Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer, I hate when companies do that! I am sure there would have been room for them to keep both 🙂

Kiehl's BB Cream

Don’t take my word for it… try Kiehl’s for yourself and you too will fall in love with your new skin!

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