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If you’re anything like me, your hair has taken a beating from years of colouring, perming, curling, straightening, blow drying, etc.! Add to that the dryness of our wonderful Canadian winter and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! How can we soothe our damaged hair without going all Britney on it and shaving our heads!?!

My hair has always had issues… firstly, it’s pin straight which for me means that it gets REALLY greasy, really fast, secondly, it’s ends are extremely dry and I need to condition it like a mad woman! So how does one deal with hair that has a double personality? Try a slew of products until I find one that works, that’s what! LUSH to the rescue!

About 16 years ago I was at my wit’s end with my dull, over processed, lifeless hair and had an appointment to cut it all off (I know I would have regretted it, I look ridiculous with short hair!!) As I walked through Ottawa’s ByWard Market, I came across this strong hypnotic powdery smell. The smell lured me into a cute little shop called LUSH.

LUSH to the Rescue- Lush Store

NattyDee - bath bombs

NattyDee - LUSH

I had never heard of this store and was mesmerized by all the colourful, almost candy-like items lining the walls. After asking a ton of questions, I found out that LUSH sells handmade products using fresh organic fruit and vegetables, fine essential oils and safe synthetics which means… they don’t test on animals, many of their products must be refrigerated and almost all of them expire … cool! I left the store with a bag full of goodies… several bath bombs and a solid shampoo (Ultimate Shine). I raced home and jumped in the shower (yes, I was that excited to try it out ;) ). The shampoo worked like magic, my hair was transformed into a luscious mane of glossy tresses! I happily cancelled my hair appointment and continued using their products for years to come.

Thanks to my never-ending quest to try new beauty products and to quit using products with sulfates, I eventually pushed my LUSH shampoo aside. Unfortunately, the assortment of sulfate-free shampoos I tried over the years has left my hair dull and dry. Perhaps I just never found the right one but I was never truly satisfied, no matter how much I paid!

This past weekend as I was shopping in Montréal’s Eaton centre I got a whiff of that familiar scent… LUSH! Once again fed-up with my dry hair, I hurried in and made my way to the shampoos. I chose the 2-in-1 Godiva shampoo infused with moisturizing nut oils, cocoa & shea butter (to soothe my dry hair and scalp) and Jasmine (smells almost hallucinogenic!). The enthusiastic sales girl also suggested I pick up a bottle of their American Cream conditioner which, she promised, would soften my rough ends thanks to its cocktail of lavender, honey, fresh oranges, strawberry and vanilla.

NattyDee - Godiva

NattyDee - American Cream

So, the next day I jumped in the shower and used the familiar LUSH shampoo. It was like visiting an old friend… you have to try it for yourself! The conditioner on the other hand left me second-guessing its capabilities. It wasn’t thick and gunky like the heavy conditioners I was used to using, it was quite thin to be honest. I didn’t use very much as the girl in the store assured me that a little would go a long way… it honestly didn’t coat very well but I used my wide-toothed comb to distribute the product and placed my trusty Hello Kitty shower cap on to heighten its benefits while I finished in the shower. Usually once out of the shower I put on some sort of leave in conditioner, oil, treatment or whatever else I feel my hair needs. This time I did nothing, I really wanted to see what the girl in the store was fussing over… I let my hair air dry and BAM! soft, silky, shiny, heavenly scented locks emerged! I haven’t stopped running my fingers through my hair and pulling my strands under my nose! MMMMM!

You know, sometimes in an attempt to cut something out with the hope of bettering things, you are actually doing more harm than good! Perhaps for me, searching for a sulfate-free shampoo was a bad idea!

NattyDee yo ;)

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